One day, I came across a 'JORURI' puppet, a Japanese doll which had been used in Ningyo Joruri Puppet Theater. The doll was so fantastic that my eyes were glued on 'her'. Oshichi is a name of the doll and she 'played' as a 16-year-old girl who was burned at the stake for committing arson.
The play is a Japanese traditional puppet drama, based on the historical fact from the Edo period. Oshichi did arson because she was dying to see her lover. She met him at a temple where she and her family took shelter as they lost their house in the fire one day. The young couple fell in love with each other soon. But Oshichi and her family had to leave the temple when their house was rebuilt. She missed him so much and started to think that she could see him again if another fire occurred. So she torched her house, hopefully to see him but she was caught by a police after all. After she was executed, her lover, who was bereaved, made a pilgrimage throughout the rest of his life.
While I was gazing at this doll, I thought Oshichi might deeply be distressed by his later life. With thinking of Oshichi's love for him, I started to think that I should follow his footprints.
During the trip, I gave a prayer to him at shrines, temples and enshrined natural objects as he might have done so to Oshichi. I also felt her sorrow that rippled through me.
We often lose our precious things in every aspect of our lives. And we sometimes see someone who grieves for losing their precious things. No matter how we grieve what we lose, we can't get our time back. Even if we hope to live forever, the last day of our lives will come one day for all of us. There is no exception, and that fact never changes. We have to keep it in our mind and carry on living with the sorrow for death on our shoulders.
The sorrow, on the other hand, is inseparably related to love for others. It has a certain power to empathize with people and we achieve a committed relationship with them. By sharing it with others, I think we can move out of our past and step forward to the future. Experiencing sadness makes us grow, and gives us great power to live.
While I was traveling, I felt everything was pure. They were all impressive and every moment I was deeply moved by the scenery. I felt the great nature surrounding us and saw a tiny flower blossomed on the corner. Through my trip, I have realized we are all alive on the earth. Like Oshichi, the last day will come one day but I feel the strong connection with this world. I want to value this bond and will keep on going day by day.